To get the best out of someone, you must look for the best in them

Highly motivated individuals often find themselves in tricky situations where they miss out on promotions for various reasons that may include a perceived lack of managerial acumen, communication skills, inability to promote their ideas and thoughts. During such occasions, executives tend to feel restrained and isolated and fear that their problems may not remain private if they attempt to seek advice.

These Executives face a double whammy. The stakes are high enough to keep silent at work and there is no surety that discussing work pressures at home will bring forth a satisfactory resolution. This is where a Personal Executive Coach can help by organizing periodic sessions to ascertain how to go about enhancing their leadership or management skills, expand their career options or take that first step towards determining whether it is better to move on.

Personal Coaches work with their clients to clarify developmental needs and help improve the client's skill base. The coach works from a strength-based developmental process that enhances natural attributes while helping the person working around her limitations, often a result of one's limited interest in certain areas.

Our trained coaches at ISEC conduct these sessions on a monthly retainer basis with a minimum guarantee of two personal interactions supplemented by one or more telephonic meetings. The payment is collected in advance and we recommend periodic assessments to review progress.

As part of the Personal Coaching Program, our coaches will help you explore your options, test out ideas, seek and gain clarity over your career path and renew your passions by utilizing your strengths. All these steps will lead you to expand your horizons and help you enhance your skills for reaching the next levels in your career. The program will refresh your thoughts and help you become more effective.

A typical coaching program may run for six to nine months and in our experience the client usually starts seeing the benefits at her work-place as early as within the first two months.

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